Fully funded interdisciplinary PhD – University of Southampton


We are pleased to announce this unique opportunity to apply for a fully funded interdisciplinary PhD in the area of Refugee Entrepreneurship: Belonging and Social Inclusion for Refugees in the UK at the University of Southampton.

We invite applications from qualified and highly motivated students to work in the area of migration, refugee studies, work and employment, entrepreneurship and/or urban studies. This research project investigates entrepreneurship as a means of community belonging and socio-economic inclusion for refugees in the UK.  Whilst scholars have looked at the ways in which entrepreneurship can facilitate economic integration, little has been said about alternative ways in which this type of labour market incorporation supports processes of social inclusion, belonging and community-making. This interdisciplinary research will also look into the non-economic effects of refugee entrepreneurship by studying how setting up a firm might be conducive of bottom up processes of belonging through the transformation of urban spaces.

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