How do graduate entrepreneurs perceive the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education at their business schools, Royal Holloway’s School of Management, 31 May 2018


We are pleased to invite you to a workshop on entrepreneurship education at Royal Holloway’s School of Management on the 31stMay 2018 from 10.30 – 16.30pm. It is free to attend and funded by Royal Holloway’s Research Strategy Fund.

The workshop will explore and discuss the question and enable us to critically reflect upon our own practices in entrepreneurship education and enhance our understanding of our students’ needs and demands, especially of those with entrepreneurial aspirations.

For several decades, the UK government has highlighted the entrepreneurship agenda. Universities have been major contributors to the development of ideas and models concerned with fostering enterprise. Such contributions have been made through the creation, for example, of Centres of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and similarly named bodies established to encourage undergraduates, postgraduates, faculty members and members of the local community to create new and develop existing enterprises, through a variety of support programmes. However, at a surface level or overview, there appears to have been little direct evidence as to whether these programmes are effective, especially from the perspective of graduate entrepreneurs, the intended beneficiaries of these programmes. Similarly, there is little knowledge about which elements of entrepreneurship programmes are perceived as particularly useful by graduate entrepreneurs, and why. This project seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of University entrepreneurship education from the graduates’ perspective. Are graduates finding this education useful? If so, which aspects are relevant, and if not, why are we teaching these courses?

The workshop has been organized by Spinder Dhaliwal, University of Westminster, Knut Lange, University of Royal Holloway and Carolin Decker Lange, Open University.

We welcome academics, graduate entrepreneurs and the wider entrepreneurship community.

Please email to reserve your place.



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