ISBE 2017: Best Paper Award Nominees

Winners will be announced during the ISBE 2017 Gala Dinner, Wednesday, 8th November 2017 from c.21.40

To watch the awards live, please find details here.

Business Creation

Career Paths of Serial Founder Entrepreneurs: Towards a distinct theory of Serial Entrepreneurship?
Stephen O’Regan

Exploring entrepreneurial well-being during the venture creation process: The start-up community’s voice
Shivani Mehta | Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd | Alec Morton

Founders and their brands
Hanna Astner, Johan Gaddefors

Business Support

To be announced at the Awards Ceremony

Creative Entrepreneurship

Facing Uncertainty: An entrepreneurial view of the future?
Simon Bridge

Shaping the selection practices of Edinburgh’s creative entrepreneurial networks
Marta Bernal, Sarah Cooper

The Creative Business: Development Practice in the Arts-based Creative Industries
Jacob Salder

Enterprise Education

Entrepreneurship Education as Human Capital: Implications for Youth Self-employment and Conflict Mitigation
Paschal Anosike

Longitudinal impacts of Entrepreneurship Education: a quantitative investigation
Paul Jones | David Pickernell | Rebecca Fisher | Vera Ndrecaj

Supporting Enterprise Educators: A Decade of Best Practice
Nicolette Michels | Richard Beresford | Kate Beresford

Entrepreneurial Finance

A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Business Angels Networks in Chile and Colombia: An Institutional Approach
Gianni RomanÌ | Miguel Atienza | Izaias Martins

Do Business Accelerators invest in ‘lemons’? A comparison of the founders’ characteristics of Business Accelerator and Business Angels backed companies
Yannis Pierrakis

Transcending Traditional Funding Borders- A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs
Emer Gallagher | Andrew Kincaid | Elaine Ramsey | Sharon Loane

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning

Developing cognitive versatility: Thinking it through
Marian Evans

Rethinking the Firm and its Environment: A Problem Solving Approach
Colin Jones | Gimme Walter

The Impact of Social Capital and Cultural Knowledge on Setting-Up and Operating a Transnational Business in Australia
Simon Best

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups

Approximating Entrepreneurial Superdiversity: Evidence from ethnic minority entrepreneurship in Glasgow
Paul Lassalle | Sakura Yamamura

Ethnic Entrepreneurship And The Concept of Mixed-Embeddedness To Opportunity Formation Process
Kingsley C Njoku

Home Country Effects on Opportunity Recognition by Migrants in the UK
Jonathan Levie | Daphne Hering

Family and Community Business

The Influence of Family Firms on the Sustainability of Start-up/Nascent Enterprises
Louise Scholes | You Yi | Xiaoti Hu | Mat Hughes | Paul Hughes

Understanding the role of relational competency in copreneurial business through a gender perspective
Angela Carradus

Gender and Enterprise

Gendering Entrepreneurship: have the sisters done for themselves?
Susan Marlow | Helene Ahl

Neoliberal Feminism’s Impact on Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Outcomes
Lorna Treanor | Susan Marlow

Pride or Process: Exploring women microbusiness owners’ attitudes to financing their own business
Celia Netana

International Entrepreneurship

Local formal interpersonal networks and SMEs internationalisation: Empirical evidence from UK
Bochra Idris | George Saridakis

Proactiveness as a Catalyst for International Development: An Analysis of Italian USOs
Lisa Messina | Nola Hewitt-Dundas

The role of networks in the internationalisation of small knowledge-intensive businesses service firms
Martina Battisti, David Deakins

Networks and Innovation

Design thinking and innovation in SMEs: an effectual innovation model
David Roach, Joel Ryman

Home Alone: Innovation and sales growth intentions among the solo self-employed
Stephen Roper, Areti Gkypalia

UK Return to Borders: The Value of Networks and Innovation for Outward looking SMEs
Zita Stone | Fragkiskos Filippaios | Georgie Kemsley

Public Sector Entrepreneurship

To be announced at the Awards Ceremony

Rural Enterprise

Contextualized entrepreneurship – A logic of space and place in rural biogas production
Richard Ferguson | Cecilia Waldenström

Exploring territorial anchoring in rural entrepreneurship
Marcello De Rosa, Luca Bartoli, Maria Pia

The rural as an entrepreneurial context; concept and engagement
Johan Gaddefors | Alistair Anderson

SME Growth

Spatial Patterns of Entrepreneurship in the UK: Opportunity, Resources and Spill-over Effects
Andrew Henley

The UK’s High-Growth Firms and their resilience over the Great Recession
Michael Anyadike-Danes | Mark Hart

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise

A Theoretical Framework to Investigate Impact Investor-Fund Manager-SME Investee Governance for Social Impact and Financial Returns
Richmond O. Lamptey

Open Social Innovation to Tackle Third Sector Social Challenges
Lauren Tuckerman | Julie Thomson | Geoffrey Whittam

The Legitimacy of Grassroots Necessity-Driven Practices as Forms of Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of a Developing Economy
Maria Margarida Durão De Avillez

Technology Entrepreneurship

Just How Much Does Social Media Contribute to the Business SMEs Win
William James Wilson

New Venture Teams without networks: Successful navigations during the establishment of two New Technology-based Firms
Elizabeth Kim

Towards Building a Framework to Understand Internet Marketing Adoption in Iran: The Case of Iranian Distribution Industry
Sepideh Zahiri | Hatem El-Gohary | Javed Hussain