Objectives: Passions, values and dreams constitute the main components of the personal core identity and provide individuals coherence toward goal-directed cognitions and behaviors during the pursuit of their professional objectives. Despite the growing interest on this issue, there has been little theorizing concerning which specific aspects of identity (passions, values, and dreams) are more relevant


INTRODUCTION Internationalisation and globalisation has allowed for increased multinational enterprise (MNE) participation in emerging markets primarily through the worldwide integration of financial systems, lower barriers to entry, deregulation and trade liberalisation, and the emergence of a global cultural and economic homogeneity (Chang 2012). The past decade has witnessed a rapid growth of internationalisation in firms


This paper examines recently-arrived migrants to the United Kingdom, focusing in particular on their experiences as workers in businesses started by their peers. This context is often characterised by disadvantage and exploitation; yet we find workers to be resourceful and creative in the exercise of agency. Contrary to recent assessments of migrant labour and businesses,