Entrepreneurial Finance

ISBE Special Interest Group: Entrepreneurial Finance

SIG Chairs: Dr Robyn Owen & Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird.

Launched in January 2017, ISBE’s Special Interest Group in Entrepreneurial Finance aims to build a vibrant community of active researchers whose outputs will inform policy and practice. Its membership will include academics, practitioners and interested policy makers, and its research will address contemporary issues in resourcing the small firm sector.

The Entrepreneurial Finance track is a mainstay of the ISBE annual conference, providing valuable opportunities for the dissemination of research and development of early career researchers and doctoral candidates. The Special interest Group will include ISBE members who regularly contribute to the annual conference, along with a large number of non-members drawn from personal and professional contacts.

A strong international membership is anticipated, concentrating initially in Europe. Membership will include practitioners from the British Business Bank, Syndicate Room, Business Angel Groups, venture capitalists and others. The SIG intends to provide a platform for researchers to publish their research, along with providing position papers to policy makers and ‘industry updates’ to practitioners.

The SIG’s first event in 2017 will be ‘The Evolution of Alternative Forms of Entrepreneurial Finance – 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis’, Tuesday, 20th June 2017 at Middlesex University.

Inaugural AGM: Thursday November 9th at ISBE annual conference in Belfast.

To join the Entrepreneurial Finance SIG, please contact info@isbe.org.uk