Technology-led Emergence and Transformation of Markets, University of Edinburgh, 28 June 2018


About the conference

This conference has been organised by the vibrant community of PhD students and faculty of the University of Edinburgh Business School. This initiative enables us to create, develop and consolidate a widely recognised space of communication recognised in our wider community for its vocation to expand Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) research horizons. The conference provides a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of E&I research from a multidisciplinary perspective, reaching out to technology, humanities and social sciences to advance our knowledge in technology-led market dynamics and challenging the actual assumptions concerning their processes and practices.

The ethos of this event is the exchange of original and innovative ideas between PhD students, early career fellows and experienced academics who are eager to explore the socio-emotional synergies behind the generation of new technologies and ecosystems that are pushing boundaries of these fields. This will require new empirical and theoretical work to understand the vertiginous creation and evolution of these innovative landscapes.

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We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh in June 2018!
The Organising Committee


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