Invitation: Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Context, 4th May 2017, Lancaster


Key notes by Alistair Anderson, Johan Gaddefors, and Edward McKeever

Date: Thursday 4th May 2017

Location: Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom


Recently context has been recognized as shaping entrepreneurship, but much less has been said about the interplay of context and how entrepreneurship may shape context. We would therefore like to facilitate a conversation on this topic, organized in the format of a workshop. We aim at discussing questions such as; Why, and in what ways, context is important? What does a contextualized perspective on entrepreneurship imply? Where are the research frontiers on this topic? and How can we study the interplay between entrepreneurship and context?

In this workshop we welcome discussions on context in the broadest of terms. Context may be locational; context as space or place, local or national. Alternatively it may be a social location; ethnic, class or gender. Cultures too, can form context and entrepreneurship can reform cultures as in the enterprise culture. We also envisage institutions as offering a contextual location. Indeed in some special cases, context may even create novel forms of enterprise. As we see it, each context brings specific values that inform both entrepreneurial processes and outcomes.

We would like to focus the discussions on the interplay between entrepreneurship and context, for example the implications of embedding, or of not being embedded, processes and outcomes, or even about determining the best method for making these enquiries. Context can be foreground or background, but we envisage a focus on the interplay and the dynamics.


The workshop will include key note speeches, panel debates, and round table discussions. If you have a specific question or idea you want to discuss in the workshop please contact us in advance!

Please Click here to download the Programme for the day.

ISBE’s Entrepreneurship Studies Network Special Interest Group is pleased to support the workshop.



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