The 17th International Entrepreneurship Forum Conference: 12-14 December 2018, Nancy, France



The International Entrepreneurship Forum is proud to bring you the 17th IEF Conference. The main theme of the 2018 conference is ‘Entrepreneurship North-South: The Emergent, Transformational Axes of Opportunity Development’.

  • Location: ICN Business School, Nancy, France
  • Dates: 12 to 14 December 2018
  • Pre-conference Bootcamp: 5 to 11 December 2018, ‘Early Growth Acceleration’

In 2018, the IEF returns to Europe and we hope that you will join us in creating new North-South bridges of entrepreneurial endeavour and thought:

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Conference objectives

The objectives of the 17th IEF conference is to explore the North-South dialectic of entrepreneurship and innovation.

a) Explore critically the different roles role entrepreneurship and innovation play in economic and social development in developed, emerging and developing economies;

b) Search for and identify the various, sustainable connectivities of trade, technology and knowledge exchange, new forms of hard and soft infrastructure (e.g. one belt-one road), diaspora and transnational opportunity creation; ecosystem linkages; and the soft power of cultural barter, to foster new economic and social systems based on entrepreneurship and innovation in the North and South; and

c) Work towards the development of entrepreneurship as a global social movement, that goes beyond metrics to storytelling, and that celebrates as much the imagination of people as it does their power of scientific enquiry.

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