18th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference 2021, 15-17th June 2021, Swansea


The conference will be held at the Village Hotel, Swansea.

Details of the conference can be found here.

Abstracts are invited by Friday 26th February 2021 for the annual Rural Entrepreneurship conference in any  of the following themes:

  • Rural social entrepreneurship
  • Rural artisanal entrepreneurship
  • Migration effects on rural development
  • Technology and innovation in the rural economy
  • International dimensions on rural entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities and challenges for rural development
  • Entrepreneurship, farming and the natural environment
  • New approaches to rural theory, method and assessment
  • Innovative methods for researching rural entrepreneurship
  • Rural place marketing, tourism, heritage and cultural entrepreneurship

We welcome practitioner papers and reports, case studies and academic research papers.

For questions or enquiries please contact: Robert Bowen: robert.bowen@swansea.ac.uk


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