Virtually ISBE 2020 Outline Programme


Registration for Virtually ISBE 2020 is now open!

An online celebration of small business and entrepreneurship research, policy, practice and learning

Virtually ISBE 2020, the online alternative to the annual ISBE conference, will take place from Wednesday, November the 4th to Friday, November the 6th. Every day will consist of a morning session of innovative keynote sessions and expert panels, many with breakout spaces for separate discussions and chats. Delegates will have ample opportunities for online networking and interaction. Afternoon sessions will be organised by ISBE’s fine team of Communities of Interest, Special Interest Groups and conference track chairs. We look forward to welcoming you!

Outline Programme

Virtually ISBE 2020: Day One
Wednesday 4th November 2020

1000                                         Welcome and Introduction from ISBE President, Professor Kiran Trehan

1010                                         Keynote speakers (details to be announced)

1200                                         Online networking until 1300

1400                                         Parallel session 1: Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups I
The world today is different from the one we expected. Institutions, priorities and challenges are changing rapidly. This virtual session offers researchers an opportunity to present, share and learn from new research related to Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups. It will explore how entrepreneurship and innovation relate to economic development, and academic research on enterprise and small business connects with practice and policy.
1400                                        Parallel session 2: Entrepreneurial Finance
1400  – 1700                            Parallel session 3: Rural Enterprise: A special session focused on the impact of Covid-19 on the rural economy
The Covid-19 pandemic has had major economic and social implications, while the rural economy has not been exempt from these implications; the reliance of rural communities on particular sectors has resulted in a different pattern of impact whilst debates rumble on. Concerns remain regarding the viability and sustainability of the rural economy and rural communities. It is apparent from analysing key sectors within the rural economy there is no one dominant strategy that can help all rural areas. Whilst the management of rural businesses and the entrepreneurial attitude of business owners are more influential in their response and resilience than the policies.


Virtually ISBE 2020: Day Two
Thursday 5th November 2020

1000                                         Keynote session: Entrepreneurial Learning: To the Enterprise and Beyond Chaired by the Research in Enterprise Education (REntEd) Special Interest Group Co-Chairs, Drs Breda O’Dwyer and Emily Beaumont, and presented in association with Enterprise Educators UK. This session will begin with providing an overview of the future of the entrepreneurial learning landscape. This year we will, in the first half of the session, explore the latest work on the ’state of play’ of research in enterprise education in the UK, hearing from a number of Thought Leaders in the discipline area. Delegates will then have an opportunity to discuss and challenge this work in break out rooms. The second part of the session will invite a panel of international Thought Leaders to reflect on the oucomes of the breakout rooms and to discuss synergies and dissonances that exist across countries and cultures.

1200                                      Online networking until 1300

1400                                      Parallel session 1: Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups II 
1400                                      Parallel session 2: Entrepreneurial Finance
1500 – 1730                          Following ISBE 2019: Entrepreneurial Place Leadership – symposium for an edited book
As an outcome of the ISBE 2019 conference in Newcastle, Conference Chairs Professors Robert Newbery & Michele Rusk are producing an edited book that explores Entrepreneurial Place Leadership for the Emerald-ISBE Book series ‘Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research.’ This symposium is an opportunity for chapter authors to present their research in short-form presentations, where they will highlight their context, research focus and contribution to the book. This will support the development of the book and is an opportunity for ISBE colleagues interested in the theme to engage with our discussions. For more details, please click here

Virtually ISBE 2020: Day Three
Friday 6th November 2020

1000                                         Keynote session: Enterprise Policy and Support – Some Future Scenarios
Given the impact of Covid-19 on the small business community and the opportunities and challenges surrounding the forthcoming exit from the European Union, this session will reflect upon different scenarios for the future of enterprise policy and support within the UK and beyond. The session will be chaired by ISBE’s VP Policy & Practice, Leigh Sear. The session will commence with a number of focused inputs from the different communities shaping enterprise policy and support which will be used to frame discussion and debate amongst participants as to the future for enterprise policy and support.
Further information: If you would like further information on the policy session, please email Leigh (

1200                                         Online networking until 1300

1000 – 1500                              GEN Women’s Enterprise Policy
The ISBE Gender and Enterprise Network SIG and the conference track team are pleased to announce a special GEN-focused policy session to be held during Virtually ISBE 2020.

Hear from leading GEN experts as they share their State of the Art Reviews into Gender and Enterprise policy. For more information, please click here


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