2nd Call of RAKE Fund – Winner announced


The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship Studies Network SIG Research and Knowledge Exchange Fund (RAKE)

‘Addressing Practice in Entrepreneurship’ 

Congratulations to Thomas Cyron and Professor Leona Achtenhagen of Jönköping International Business School and Professor Paula Jarzabkowski of Cass Business School, City University London who have been awarded the 2nd Call 2016 RAKE funding for their application entitled:

“Towards a practice perspective on business growth”.

Business growth is a popular topic not only in entrepreneurship research, but also for policy makers. Many studies take a rather simplistic approach, testing the impact of one or several predictors of growth (such as, initial capital endowment) on an outcome variable supposedly representing growth (such as, increase in sales). While this research gives us some indication of which factors might matter for achieving growth, it tells us very little about the growth process in itself – how does growth unfold over time and which activities facilitate or hinder this process? We attempt at filling this gap by tracing the activities related to the growth of Miniaturwunderland, located in Hamburg, Germany. Since its foundation in late 2000, the company has built the largest miniature model railway scenery in the world, covering 1,500 square meters, employing more than 300 employees, and attracting more than one million visitors each year. The firm meticulously documented its development over time through various online resources, for example, weekly development reports provided on its website www.miniaturwunderland.de as well as video clips. The detailed empirical material in combination with first-hand empirical material collected through interviews with the founders and key employees will elicit unique insights into (a) the transformation of the business idea into practice, (b) the everyday activities and challenges related to business growth, and (c) how the intensive communication with customers through different channels reinforces the attracting and retaining of customers, thus promoting further growth.


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