Dr Angela Carradus

I have broad experience of entrepreneurship and family business having been part of my father’s family firm as a teenager. Following this I established my own hair and make-up business for the film and theatre industries. In 2006 I bought into a food franchise with my husband where we focussed on enabling the long term unemployed to get back into the work place and education. Having completed my PhD at Lancaster University in 2015 I have recently joined the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship studies at the University of Leeds.

My research explores the experiences of married and co-habiting couples who own and manage a business together through a dramaturgical lens. I examine how couples recreate their spousal roles to become copreneurial characters in the nuclear stage of a family business. I explore the relational competencies and gender roles of the couples and how this influences how they perform in the business and home.

Research Key Words: Copreneurs, Qualitative Research, Dramaturgy, Relational competency, Family Business

Research Implications: My research can be applied to diverse settings where there is a need to explore the relational complexities of working with others to create effective teams.