Dr David Higgins

David’s research interests lay in the fields of SME/Entrepreneurial learning through action. He has developed a deepening fascination with the relationship between how entrepreneurial learning practices are mediated through learned and learning experiences, by taking a practice based view of learning. In particular his work encompasses the development of applied actionable research on these issues. Through his continuing research David has adopted a strong social constructionist perspective on the development of methodological reflexive approaches to the study of social learning, which is based on the idea that social reality is not separate from us, but that social realities and ourselves are intimately interwoven as each shapes and is shaped by the other in everyday interactions. Although David uses a variety of different qualitative research methods, he makes particular use of ethnographic techniques, especially narrative forms of research reporting as means of teaching and providing insights to a range of audiences about the complexities, contradictions, and mediated nature of social learning.

Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE) – Board of Trustees Member
ISBE Conference Track Chair – Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning Track