Dr Elinor Vettraino

My journey to entrepreneurship education has been organic.  I have spent the past 10 years developing the concept of team learning, specifically the Finnish Team Academy model of entrepreneurship education most recently through developing the business and enterprise area of Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln.  As a Director of Akatemia CIC UK, I have also worked to support the development of this model in the broader Higher Education sector, both nationally and internationally.

I am currently Director and Head Coach of the Team Academy inspired Business Enterprise Development programmes at Aston University, Birmingham, as well as Director of the Aston Business Clinic.  In these roles, my philosophy remains the same which is to foster real-life business through real world learning, and specifically learning through collaborative practice.  Running my own consultancy, Active Imagining, has also given me an insight into small business development and the importance of working with others to succeed.

My main areas of interest in entrepreneurship education lie in team learning and the power of community to move business forward, as well as the use of storytelling to develop embodied reflexivity.  I also draw heavily on my extensive work with applied theatre and visual arts, making use of theatre techniques and creative approaches in the work I do developing nascent entrepreneurs.