Dr Whysnianti Basuki

Dr Whysnianti Basuki is an Associate Professor in Business at Solent Business School, Solent University Southampton. Whysni’s main research interests are located within female entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial intention. Whysni is very passionate in supporting female entrepreneurs to run and grow their business. In her works she seeks to develop understanding of the challenges/barriers that are faced by female entrepreneurs and the tailored supports that they need to run and grow their business.

In terms of supporting small businesses, Solent Business School holds Small Business Charter, in which Whysni has contributed towards the achievement and reaccreditation of the Small Business Charter awarded to the School from Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Whysni is very keen to bring people together and create environments for collaboration, her role as Scientific and Publication Committee at  the European University Network on Entrepreneurship (http://www.esu-network.eu/) help her with this. She hopes that her passion in this would assist ISBE to achieve its purpose.

As well as teaching, supervising and researching, Whysni’s responsibility at Solent University include serving as Doctoral Coordinator for Business, Management and Law.