Following ISBE 2017: Business Support, Policy and Practice


Reflections from Business Support, Policy and Practice track chairs,
Norin Arshed and Christophe Garonne

The ISBE 2017 Business Support, Policy and Practice track highlighted the diverse areas of research currently being undertaken within policy for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Research included studies into social media platforms to understand how entrepreneurs and SMEs seek out support and advice for their businesses, analysis at local, regional and national levels, and practice based case studies.

There was research undertaken in many different contexts which allowed for insights into numerous countries such as the UK, Nigeria, New Zealand, Ireland, and France. The track, as in previous years, was popular and engaging.

Best track paper award for An Investigation on the evolution of the Entrepreneurship Policy Agenda in the EU: Relevant milestones, key areas and the way forward, by Alberto Arenal Cabello, Cristina Armuña González, Sergio Ramos Villaverde, Ana Moreno Romero and Claudio Feijoo

Further, to this there was a number of conceptual papers which highlighted the requirements for further research into business support for incubators and historical accounts to understand and explore how to shape the future of entrepreneurship and SME policy.

This year also saw a number of topics which, given the changing global political climate, were brought to our attention. Such areas included self-employment and poverty, the quality of government’s policies to support businesses, a rise in evaluating business support, and comparing enterprise support structures with other countries to understand best practices.

Congratulations to Alberto Arenal Cabello and team on winning the Best Paper in Track.


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