Authenticity in Business: You Don’t Have to Fake it to Make it


Date: 12th March 2019, The Sir Colin Campbell Building, University of Nottingham Innovation Park, NG7 2TU

 “Authenticity” is having it’s moment; business owners are encouraged to follow examples of business leaders yet business owners may still feel pressure to “fake it” to fit in with expectations.

At this breakfast event, entrepreneur Debbie Clarke will share her story of how she navigated the tricky waters of self-employment; running a business for 3 years that she felt dissociated from, until she launched debbiedooodah and – in Debbie’s words – “came fully into the light, doubled her income and become 100% truly and completely authentic”. Following this, Dr Isobel O’Neil from the University of Nottingham will broaden out the discussion by sharing her research findings about how entrepreneurs engage in a process to balance the competing demands of “standing out” as an authentic-to-self business owner and “fitting in” to meet others’ expectations.

For further information please contact:  0115 74 84059


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