BAM/ISBE Virtual Doctoral Day: What matters for ‘Excellence’ in doctoral studies, 29th April, 11.00-12.30pm, Online


BAM/ISBE Virtual Doctoral Day: What matters for ‘Excellence’ in doctoral studies: keeping your doctoral studies on track-a view through the lens of academic advisors


The Leadership and Leadership Development Special Interest Group (BAM) and the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups Special Interest Group (ISBE) will be organising a one-day event for doctoral students. The virtual event ‘What matters for ‘Excellence’ in doctoral studies’ is designed to support our community of doctoral students in spotlighting good practice in doctoral research. At the core of this workshop is our focus on promoting excellence in the preparation of the doctoral thesis. We acknowledge that doctorates are primarily defined by essential tensions and overwhelming hesitations. Hence, we present our understanding of how the doctorate is a product of the quality of supervision, a mastery of the process and the appreciation of support mechanisms.

Our attempt, then, is to take stock of our reflexivity, the perspectives of current and past doctoral students, as well as those of supervisors in assessing and presenting the major techniques for a successful completion. Ultimately, we share the belief that the broader relevance and applicability of the workshop will be dedicated to distilling knowledge of the doctoral journey and driving successful completions.

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