Call for Chapters: Women’s Empowerment: The Road to Empowering Women


“Stepping towards the women empowerment and development with a strong motive and objective”

Why is there a need for such a book?

“Women’s empowerment”, an internationally accepted concept that can be briefly defined as “the restoration of authorities of women who don’t possess or have been stripped of any authorities related to making decisions”. Making decisions on how to manage and guide one’s own life within or outside of their home, making choices on their private issues at all ages, having the right to access any resource and being respected within the society can be given as examples regarding these said decisions. Interpretation of this concept of women’s empowerment varies greatly among most institutions, establishments and non-governmental organizations. Besides all the activities put forth on a national and international scale, because of its popularity, this topic is also of economic, social and political interest to both the academia as well as the mass media while at the same time, governments have been diverting more and more attention to it. In fact, since human rights fundamentally rely upon the equality of sexes, the establishment of equality of sexes within society to achieve societal progress.

Subjects that are planned to be addressed within the Book

Studies conducted on women’s empowerment on a local scale is mainly focused on increasing internal activity. When taking globalization into account, not only individuals, but also marginal groups are affected by changes that take place both on a national and global scale. Economically or politically, global powers will further marginalize certain groups, empowering those that are outside. For this reason, status assessments should also be taken into account to understand at which point during the process do global powers influence social gender. Hence, from social policies to employment policies, from policies in sports to educational policies, women’s empowerment has been taking on a diverse and multi-dimensional shape. Even though subjects, which are expected to be addressed within this book, are listed below, authors can contribute on subjects related to employment with original topics and may be presented with suggestions.

  • Empowerment of gender mainstreaming in society
  • Approaches on women’s empowerment
  • Women, education and its empowerment
  • Employment policies and importance of the economic empowerment of women
  • Empowerment via political participation
  • Women’s empowerment and social policy suggestions
  • Women’s empowerment during crises
  • Women’s empowerment with sports
  • Women’s empowerment and the concept of immigration
  • Women’s empowerment and the role and importance of non-governmental organizations
  • How does women’s empowerment affect a country’s economy?
  • Success stories of women around the world

Estimated compilation schedule

You can send your suggestions and abstracts regarding this book that we will be preparing together with your contributions, until March 2nd, 2018 to the e-mail addresses below. Deadline for the delivery of chapters is on June 15th, 2018.

For more information and contact:

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Meltem INCE-YENILMEZ and Asst.Prof.Dr. Onur Burak CELIK
Yasar University, Department of Economics
Telephone: +90-232-570 8931
+90-232-570 8942


Download the full call for Chapters here.


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