Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mindsets through STEM Education


Book Title: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mindsets through STEM Education
Springer Book Series on “Integrated Science”


Entrepreneurship is defined in different ways in different fields. There are definitions of entrepreneurship from a specific perspective as starting a business to a broader perspective of a process of establishing new social, economic, environmental, institutional, cultural and/or scientific environments. However, there seems to be a border line between business schools and education departments.

Believing in that the educators in the business school and the department of education can teach each other many things, in this book, we would like to invite entrepreneurs, teachers, educators in business schools and the department of education and researchers in STEM education centres to submit a book chapter proposal on “Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mindsets through STEM Education”.

In this book, we aim to look at entrepreneurship from a broader perspective in the STEM education context, and synthesize entrepreneurship and STEM education by providing authentic examples grounded in everyday scenarios so that STEM education is accessible to all students, inclusive of those typically underrepresented. This book aims to remove the borders between the Business Schools and the Department of Education by bringing the experts together and help Business Schools to develop their educational practices further and help the Department of Education to develop their knowledge of entrepreneurship from its formal discipline. To do so, we also aim to apply an expert feedback exchange, which encourages the experts from the field of Education and Business School to provide feedback to the content of each other’s work. Therefore, this book will be a real hybridisation of two fields and provide enriched theory and practice. The targeted audience for the subjects in the chapters is K-16 students (primary, secondary and undergraduate/third levels).

We welcome book chapter contributions centred (but not exclusively) on the following themes:

  • The link between entrepreneurship and STEM education
  • Suggestions on integrating entrepreneurship into STEM education policy
  • Establishing new environments to create entrepreneurial mindset
  • Entrepreneurship to realise the role of STEM education in everyday life
  • Practical examples for creating entrepreneurial mindsets through STEM education
  • Practical everyday examples of how entrepreneurship and STEM work together
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurial STEM
  • Assessing the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in STEM education

Submission Procedure:

We request you to submit your proposal by providing the following information to this Google Form( by the 20th of October  2020:

  • the name of the authors
  • title of the proposed chapter
  • up to 250 words abstract
  • a few sentences explaining how it fits into the general theme of the book

Notifications regarding the status of the chapter proposal will be made available to authors by December 15, 2020.

Book Editors:

Dr. Sila Kaya, National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University, Ireland
Dr. Erin Peters-Burton, Center for Social Equity through Science Education, George Mason University, USA


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