Call for Chapters-University and Entrepreneurship:


Meeting the Educational and Social Challenges (Emerald Publishing)

Important deadlines


Professor Paul Jones, Swansea University, UK
Dr Nikolaos Apostolopoulos, University of Plymouth, UK Dr Alexandros Kakouris, Hellenic Open University, Greece Dr Christopher Moon, Middlesex University, UK
Dr Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia
Dr Andreas Walmsley, University of Plymouth, UK


The modern demand for entrepreneurship and the vast efforts deployed in delivering entrepreneurship education (Nabi et al., 2017; Rideout and Gray, 2013), can be said to represent a social need in knowledge-driven societies (Romer, 1994). These developments present a challenge for educators and traditional academic teaching. Thus, despite its rapid growth (e.g., Kakouris & Georgiadis, 2016; Katz, 2003; Kuratko, 2005; Neck and Corbett; 2018), entrepreneurship education has not achieved its own methods, objectives and, arguably, legitimacy in academia. Too frequently,it is still thought of as an optional extra for alumni’s career development, or answering a social trendimposed by external policies and the media (Fayolle, 2013; Palalić, Ramadani, Ðilović, Dizdarević andRatten, 2017).

Abstracts deadline 30.11.2019
Full chapters deadline 30.03.2020
Reviewer comments returned to authors 30.5.2020 Revised chapters deadline 01.08.2020
Final decision 1.10.2020

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