Call for “discussant provocateurs”, RENT Conference, 14 November 2018


Dr David Higgins, VP Communities at ISBE, is organising a workshop at the RENT conference on November 14, 2018 in Toledo, Spain @ 1530pm. If you are willing to take the role of a “discussant provocateur” at the workshop, please contact David at

Crafting Scholar / Researcher Wisdom: Co-constructing Learning and Identity – Observations, Reflections and Futures – click here to register for the workshop. 

Learning to do good quality research is a vital element of entrepreneurship study and the development of competent researchers is one of the key challenges facing the entrepreneurship field today. Concerns have been expressed about the need for entrepreneurship scholars to engage more critically with the applied aspects of entrepreneurial practice through alternative methodological approaches, and seek to account for and highlight social, political and moral aspects of research. Equally, in a time where funding in higher education has become increasingly dependent on research impact there are renewed pressures to educate researchers as opposed to indoctrinate them into traditional methods of research techniques and methods. This Professional Development Workshop (PDW), serves as a timely opportunity to reflect upon and critique the skills and knowledge which are required by qualitative scholars / researchers to develop and thrive.

Instead of giving answers to people or advising them on how to be scholarly, our learning in this PDW will raise questions and create dialogue about what is meaningful for participants in their work:

Discussion Points

  1. Why adopt or become a Qualitative researcher, for whom and what is the benefit? How does this methods defined us and shape our identitifty
  2. Is qualitative research a good career choice?
  3. What inspires or blocks you to develop more enacted methods of research?
  4. How  can we construct meaningful research practice in the entrepreneurship field?
  5. What kinds of problems do qualitative scholar experience in their professional journey?
  6. To what extent have qualitative scholars felt anxiety, lack of interest, stress, and exhaustion, are these experiences influential to future career development?

The workshop will use the practice of storytelling and questioning to practically enhance understanding of how we can facilitate more collaborative and purposeful ways of practicing as means of professional development.

The workshops focus on developing opportunities to create, rather than observe the future and achieve our development as qualitiative researchers/ scholars in the Entrepreneurship field. The delivery style of the workshop will be informal, interactive and participant led, the PDW will be designed to enable complete participant involvement in a safe environment for all. The style of this workshop is highly interactive and is based on small group dialogical exchange facilitated by a key discussant provocateur. A set of 4 discussant provocateurs, will serve a critical need to help participants understand and develop discussions. This workshop will utilise the principles which underpin critical action learning and reflexive dialogue, which specifically focuses on the participants and centres on their needs. Its success is in proportion to the willingness of the learners to share their experiences, challenge each other’s ideas and offer input and suggestions.


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