Call for Papers: International Small Business Journal


Richness in Diversity: Towards more contemporary research conceptualisations of women’s entrepreneurship

Guest Editors: Colette Henry, Susan Coleman, Lene Foss, Barbara Orser, Friederike Welter, Candida Brush

Full paper submission Deadline: 31st March 2020.

Contemporary reviews of the women’s entrepreneurship literature have identified gaps with respect to theoretical development, methodological approaches, and embedded gender biases that tend to signal female underperformance comparative to male entrepreneurs (Foss, Henry & Ahl 2018; Henry, Foss & Ahl 2016; Jennings & Brush 2013; Leitch, Welter & Henry 2018). These research biases often serve to marginalise the experiences and contributions of women entrepreneurs, positioning them as ‘lacking’, ‘lesser than’ or ‘other’ in comparison to male counterparts. While our understanding of how these research biases matter is under-explored, calls for new approaches and perspectives to address these concerns have not been fully addressed (Welter 2011; Foss et al. 2018). As such, our understanding of the diversity and heterogeneity of women entrepreneurs and their enterprises using novel methodological approaches and gender theory is lacking in published scholarship.

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