Call for Papers: USASBE 2020 Special Issue Workshop


Entrepreneurial Learning: The implications of Social Relationships and the Practice of Entrepreneurship

A special issue call for papers for the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research

The purpose of the special issue will be to invite and include papers that identify a clear situated context within which entrepreneurial learning occurs and identify how the process and outcomes of learning are potentially shaped by such a context. Thus, we would look to explore the social, situated, and contested experiences of entrepreneurs as they navigate a particular experience. This could include studies that examine learning during specific types of entrepreneurial practices such as venture ideation; venture creation; supply chain development; venture expansion; venture failure; succession planning or transition; incubation centers; public offerings; internationalization; mergers and/or business purchase or sale. Topics could include areas such as informal learning, collective and organized learning, the political, emotional, and cultural context of entrepreneurial learning practices, critical perspectives on entrepreneurial learning, and researching entrepreneurial learning.

There will be a workshop for potential papers at USASBE 2020. To participate in the workshop, you should submit an extended abstract (750 words) to by September 30th. The final deadline for papers to be submitted to the special issue is April 30th, 2020.

More information is available here:

Please feel free to contact the special issue guest editors: Allan Macpherson (University of Liverpool) Lisa Anderson (University of Liverpool) Kiran Trehan (University of Birmingham), Dilani Jayawarna (University of Liverpool).


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