Call for Papers: Special Issue on Engaged Scholarship


Questioning relevance and Impact in contemporary Entrepreneurship/SME Research
Guest Editors:
Professor Kiran Trehan, University of Birmingham
Dr David Higgins, University of Liverpool
Professor Ossie Jones, University of Liverpool

The aim of this Special Issue is to make a significant contribution to understanding the theory and practice of Engaged Scholarship. Building on the current growth of interest and literature in this area, our aim is to move the field on in terms of how Engaged Scholarship is both theorised and practiced and in so doing, to produce useful theory that enables Engaged Scholarship to develop as a practice in small firm’s research. Our focus is related to conceptualisation of the field and the dynamics of implementation, which all too often remains implicit within extant studies in entrepreneurship/SME Research. The current interest in engaged scholarship and its application to small firms has brought to the surface a range of important questions for scholars, policy makers and practitioners. As a consequence there is a growing need to cultivate;

  1. Innovative research approaches which address social science questions that make a difference to practitioner communities
  2. Engaged impact – What is it and how do we do it- Should scholarly research influence and support practice?
  3. Policy Engagement – How do we marry the divergent world of academics, policy makers and small firms?

The special issue will build on the current debates by focusing on studies that illuminate how engaged scholarship is both theorised and implemented. We welcome submissions that develop conceptual perspectives and/or present rigorous empirical studies that advance the theory and practice of Engaged Scholarship. Examples are welcomed from policy networks, business support, practitioner, entrepreneurial learning and educational or from other arenas in which Engaged Scholarship is currently or could potentially be used. We are also open to submissions from colleagues working across disciplines, we encourage contributions that explore, but are not limited to, any of the following topics:

  • Philosophical and political context of Engaged Scholarship
  • Politics, Power and emotions in Engaged Scholarship
  • Does Engaged Scholarship have a specific ontology
  • Connections between ontology, epistemology and method of practice
  • Researcher reflexivity in research as a means of engaging with the lived experience
  • Ethical dilemmas of engaged scholarship – engagement with non-academic audiences
  • Issues in identifying and evaluating engagement, impact and learning
  • How can we critically engage with Policy and Practice?
  • How relevant are current research approaches as a means of developing meaningful knowledge to practitioners / policy makers?

The paper submission deadline is 28 February 2017. The Special Issue is scheduled to be published in March 2018. Papers must be original and comply with ISBJ submission guidelines. Please refer for submission guidelines and a link to the on-line submission system. In the online system please ensure you submit your paper within Manuscript Type: ‘Special Issue: Engaged Scholarship’.

Informal enquiries on the Special Issue are welcome; please email,,


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