Call for Papers (Special Section @IJIM) Theme: Digital Platforms


International Journal of Information Management
Editor: Yogesh Dwivedi
Call for Papers (Special Section @IJIM)
Theme: Digital Platforms and Transformational Entrepreneurship
Short Title SI: Digital Platforms

Guest Editors

Prof. Paul Jones
School of Management
Swansea University, UK

Dr. Ciro Troise
Department of Economics
University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Italy

Prof. Giovanni Schiuma
Department of Computer Science and Economics
University of Basilicata, Italy


The landscape of entrepreneurship has changed strongly in recent years and a new phenomenon is spreading rapidly, namely transformational entrepreneurship. This emergent phenomenon is linked to the need to implement effective and efficient entrepreneurial behaviors that address global challenges (including unemployment, economic underperformance and societal evolution) (Maas & Jones, 2019). In this vein, entrepreneurial activity continues to evolve due to technological enhancement. In particular, recent developments in technology (Duan et al., 2019; Dwivedi et al., 2019) have led to new forms of entrepreneurship (Nambisan, 2017).

Among the new technologies that have entered the global arena, digital platforms are significant new players (Hu et al., 2016; McIntyre & Srinivasan, 2017; Sutherland et al., 2018). Digital platforms offer a high number of opportunities for entrepreneurs and their ventures (such as inputs for innovation). This rise of multi-sided platforms represent an important venue for value creation, appropriation, and innovation: this is commonly known as platformization (Nambisan et al., 2018; Song, 2019).

Important Dates

Manuscript submission deadline: 31-Jan-2022
Notification of Review: 31-Mar-2022
Revision due: 30-May-2022
Notification of 2nd Review: 30-Jul-2022
2nd Revision [if needed]due: 31-Sep-2022
Notification of Final Acceptance: 30-Oct-2022
Expected Online Publication: Within 8-10 weeks of Acceptance by SI Editors

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