Enterprise Evolution Reports Shows Entrepreneurship is on the up in Higher Education


alison-price-2The Women’s Organisation

In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the pivotal report – the “Oslo Agenda” – “Enterprise Evolution” have released their report exploring the impact it has had, and reflecting on how this has truly changed the entrepreneurial landscape.

‘Enterprise Evolution’ – the consultancy arm of enterprise support agency The Women’s Organisation – teamed with EEUK (Enterprise Educators UK) to understand the role of the “Oslo Agenda” and its impact across the sector 10 years on.  A survey was issued to those working to support entrepreneurial outcomes to see how and where this has been achieved.

The research indicates that there has been much improvement over the last decade, partly in Higher Education, where strong engagement with entrepreneurs and alumni is clearly visible to respondents. 94% of respondents have seen a positive change with entrepreneurs being bought into class or into student projects, 87% of respondents indicated that enterprise education has improved over the last 10 years by associating students with real companies and business people, and 89% of respondents believe we have encouraged students with commercially viable business ideas through support.

The results highlight the changes in education that have seen entrepreneurs supporting the curriculum, students undertaking authentic client work and external projects as well as student societies focused on enterprise and entrepreneurship.

However the survey also shows that areas that reflect transnational deliverables have been harder to achieve, but the recent release of the EntreComp Framework (Entrepreneurship Competence Framework) in July this year, is likely to stimulate further work that unifies the sector.

Alison Price, Principal Consultant Enterprise Evolution said “I am very excited by some of the stronger results that show an increased confidence in those delivering in the classroom to engage with externals and alumni for the benefit of their learners.  However our experience shows that there is still much to do – pockets of excellence can be found across UK universities and colleges but the enterprise experience of our young people is not yet robust. All students should be supported to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set – something that we believe we can support staff to embed into any discipline/subject area through our tried and tested approach”.

Enterprise Evolution reflecting on the research findings and their experience indicate that there still needs to be more work done around the appropriate selection and use of entrepreneurial teaching method, and impact and evaluation.

Alison continues “These are areas where Enterprise Evolution can really use our expertise to support the institutions to continue to improve. Our work ranges from mentoring and support of individuals working in this sector, through to institutional review and strategic support to develop a ‘virtuous circle’ within the pipeline of graduate entrepreneurs.”

With the work continuing, the 10th anniversary together with these survey results provide a point to reflect, that allows us to see the journey travelled and what has been achieved, but also to see how the support across the sector can change lives through enterprise education.

The full report can be downloaded at http://www.thewomensorganisation.org.uk/enterpriseevolution


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