Virtually ISBE 2020: Entrepreneurial Place Leadership – symposium for an edited book


Thursday, November the 5th 2020
3pm – 5.30pm GMT


As an outcome of the ISBE 2019 conference in Newcastle, we are producing an edited book that explores Entrepreneurial Place Leadership for the Emerald-ISBE Book series ‘Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research.’  The symposium is an opportunity for chapter authors to present their research in short-form presentations, where they will highlight their context, research focus and contribution to the book. This will support the development of the book and is an opportunity for ISBE colleagues interested in the theme to engage with our discussions.

After introducing the book, selected chapter authors will present for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q&A. This will be followed by an interactive chaired discussion.

Hosted by Northumbria University.

Who should attend: as well as chapter authors, the symposium will be interesting to colleagues researching entrepreneurial ecosystems and places and entrepreneurial leadership. This will also provide an insight into the process of developing an edited book.

Benefits of attending:

  • An opportunity to engage with a community of scholars focusing on Entrepreneurial Place Leadership
  • Contributing to the development of the topic and future research collaborations
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Gain an insight into the process of developing an edited book


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For additional information, below is the call for chapters that went out:

Entrepreneurial performance is contingent on the place where entrepreneurship happens. Viewing entrepreneurship through this lens, this edited book explores how entrepreneurs lead, and are led, in the context of places that are past, present, emergent, transient and complex. Place can exert a significant influence over entrepreneurial actions, strategy and performance (Murithi et al. 2019; Tiwasing et al. 2018) and this has been recognized in calls to focus on the context of entrepreneurship (Welter, 2011) and through a burgeoning literature on entrepreneurial ecosystems (Acs et al. 2017). Here the primacy of place is apparent in terms of the constraints and affordances to action that determine entrepreneurial performance, with combinations of geography, demographics, institutions, local culture and policy, defining the opportunity set available to entrepreneurs (Nambisan et al., 2019). Places become distinct venues where the entrepreneur can compose, practice and perform their craft. They can do so as entrepreneurial leaders assembling a cast and developing a scenario to maximize their performance (Gupta et al., 2014) or as cast members themselves, where the organization of place is curated by ecosystem managers’ intent on developing and growing the entrepreneurs of the future. This is particularly important in economically and socially uncertain times with entrepreneurial place managers experiencing challenges imposed through ‘unprecedented’ situations such as the Coronavirus pandemic and selected challenges such as reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. As such we invite chapters from international academics and the managers of entrepreneurship ecosystems that explore strategies to support and develop entrepreneurial places, be they: past, present or future; transient or permanent; supportive or therapeutic. We are open to interesting and original contributions where recommendations for practitioners can be made. Possible themes may relate to the following:

  • Entrepreneurial Place Leadership (EPL)
  • Entrepreneurial place strategies
  • Emergent entrepreneurial places
  • Gendered places
  • Past, present and future case studies of EPL
  • Transient places
  • Intersectional places

Draft Programme (subject to change)

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurial Place Leadership – Robert Newbery (10 minutes)
Presentations of 10 minutes (lightening talk style: context, issue, contribution to the book) + 5 minutes Q&A questions Chaired by Colin Bell

2. Sharon Zivkovic “Creating the Conditions for Emergent Social Entrepreneurial Places” (Context: Australia)

3. Colin Donaldson “The ‘Place’ of culture in the entrepreneurial ecosystem” (Context: Spain)

4. William Murthri “Exploring the Intersection of Entrepreneurial Place Leadership and Socio-Cultural Institutions: How Entrepreneurial Leaders navigate complex institutional contexts to Create Social Value in Kenya” – possibly a pre-recorded video (Context: Kenya)

5. Walid Eid “Business Accelerators” – possibly a pre-recorded video (Context: Egypt)

6. Nathan Pellow / Joyce Liddle / John Shutt “Entrepreneurial place strategies: implementing enterprise support policies, contrasting experiences from the North East of England and Amsterdam City Region.” (Context: Netherlands)

7. Rob Wilson / Mike Martin / Giampaolo Montaletti “Come due navi che si incrociano nella notte? Exploring the relationship between data and regional Labour Market Planning processes in Lombardy, Italy” (Context: Italy)

8. TBC Edita Petrylaite “(Situated) masculinities and Leadership in Entrepreneurial Teams” (Context: UK)

9. Karen Foster “Responsibility to Place in Rural Family Business” (Context: Canada)

10. Conclusion – Michele Rusk: making the links (approx. 10 – 20 minutes)

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