Call for Papers – Entrepreneurship during the times of COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Consequences


Guest Editors:
Ondřej Dvouletý, University of Economics, Prague
Juan Carlos Fernandez de Arroyabe, University of Essex
Michael Mustafa, University of Nottingham Malaysia

The submission portal for this special issue will open May 15, 2020

Aims and Scope

Every crisis brings challenges and threats to entrepreneurs and their organizations, no matter if initiated by human behaviour, natural disasters or economic mechanisms (Doern et al., 2019). At the end of December 2019, the coronavirus (so-called COVID-19) has started spreading from Wuhan, China to other countries so widely and quickly, that on 11th March 2020, World Health Organization – WHO (2020) declared COVID-19 pandemic. As a response to mitigate coronavirus spread and save lives, governments in affected countries imposed desperate measures of social distancing, widespread lockdown, restrictions on travelling, movement, and people gatherings. Many aspects of private and public life had to be moved online (Liguori and Winkler, 2020). Entrepreneurs were not an exception. They had to start moving their business activities online. However, not everything could be solved conveniently online. COVID-19 has significantly influenced the entrepreneurial engagement of self-employed persons. Some entrepreneurs had to close their businesses temporarily as a result of governmental restrictions; others had to impose precautions and to run their activities in reduced extent. They also needed to find innovative solutions in all aspects of their entrepreneurial endeavor as the consequences of the pandemic linger on. It took time before the entrepreneurs got oriented in the new situation, and governments started helping them out with particular policy-actions aiming to deliver information, advisory and financial support (Kuckertz et al., 2020; Turner and Akinremi, 2020). Pandemics will very likely influence traditional entrepreneurial decision-making processes (Chell, 2013), communication and conflict management (Aldairany et al., 2018), well-being (Stephan, 2018) and entrepreneurial outcomes (Wach et al., 2016).

Therefore, this special issue aims to capture the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship at different kinds of levels, to accumulate knowledge of best individual and policy-initiated practices helping entrepreneurs and self-employed persons to overcome the crisis.

Possible Topics

The Guest Editors encourage submissions of theoretical and empirical contributions investigating the challenges and consequences of COVID-19 pandemic in entrepreneurship. Possible topics include, but not limited to:

1.    Impact of pandemics on entrepreneurial activity at national, regional or sectoral levels
2.    Crisis management and entrepreneurial resilience
3.    Doing business during pandemics: best practices and worst examples
4.    Charting the challenges facing most endangered groups of entrepreneurs and their responses to survival
5.    Capturing the influence of pandemics across types of self-employment
6.    Managing entrepreneurial team during COVID-19 crisis: challenges and conflicts
7.    Influence of pandemics on entrepreneurial well-being and outcomes
8.    Entrepreneurship and innovation in times of COVID-19 crisis
9.    Entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) policy during the crisis


Papers should be submitted via the journal’s online submission system available through the journal homepage. When submitting please choose the special issue: “Entrepreneurship during the times of COVID-19 Pandemic” as the article type from the drop-down menu. All papers must follow the guidelines outlined by the journal for submission on the journal’s page.

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For any questions interested authors can contact the corresponding editor:
Ondřej Dvouletý,

Submission deadline: July 31st 2020 


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