Special Issue Journal – Understanding and Promoting Small Business and Entrepreneurship


A collaborative endeavor between the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) and the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED) has led to the publication of part 2 of Understanding and Promoting Small Business and Entrepreneurship in AMED’s online journal Organisations and People (e-O&P). This special edition focuses on the way that academia, policy makers, learning and development practitioners and leaders of small business can collaborate more effectively to promote small business and entrepreneurial growth. This edition follows on from the events that have been run as part of an ISBE Community of Interest on SME Growth supported by the Enterprise Research Centre, and challenges us each to think about the stakeholders we are seeking to impact through our research and support activities with and for small business and entrepreneurs.

An excellent response was received to the call for papers for part 2 of this journal, and this new edition is packed with the following exciting articles:

·         “Travelling together along the Yellow Brick Road for Small Business and Entrepreneurship”, introduction and overview toUnderstanding and Promoting Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship, Part 2 – Mark Gilman and Simon Raby

·         The Notion of Growth: A Research Agenda for SMEs and entrepreneurs – Jonathan Deacon and Nihar Amoncar

·         Anchor Institutions and Regional Innovation Systems for supporting Micro and Small Businesses – Nigel Culkin

·         Learning Gains for SME Owner-Founders through Business School Growth Programmes – Andrew Greenman

·         Capturing the Concept of the Captured Programme – Fiona Whitehurst

·         Corporate Social Responsibility perception and practice in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – Ana-Paula Fonseca

·         Beyond communication skills: what you were never told about writing and public speaking – Alison Donaldson & Michael MacMahon

As a mark of this AMED/ISBE collaborative project, AMED is pleased to make copies of the Summer 2016 edition of e-O&P available free to all bona fide ISBE Members. To access the journal please click here.

Should you have any questions regarding this special issue please do reach out to either one of the guest editors:

·         Mark Gilman – M.Gilman@bcu.ac.uk

·         Simon Raby – S.O.Raby@kent.ac.uk



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