The Future of Inclusive Growth in Leeds City Region,19 October, Leeds, UK


On the 19th of October at Bruntwood (Platform) in Leeds City Centre, high profile academics, think tanks, local policymakers and stakeholders in the economy of Leeds City Region will gather to discuss the importance of radical departures from mainstream policy paradigms, in light of likely challenges to the Inclusive Growth Strategy 2018-2022.

The day will begin with a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for inclusive growth in the near future of Leeds City Region. This will be followed by a debate on the utility unorthodox policies – such as alternative models of ownership and universal basic income – and whether these may be more effective means of creating a truly inclusive local economy. After lunch, an interactive workshop will take place to explore whether more entrepreneurship is the best way to tackle inequality.

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Please direct questions to Sherif Youssef at

For information, please view Future of Inclusive Growth in Leeds City Region.


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