Gain ICSB Insider access and hear Dr. Inge Hill discuss new venture skills as citizenship skills!


Citizenship skills allow people to take responsibility for their lives. But do the current citizenship skills allow us to do this? ⭐️ by Inge Hill

I strongly believe enterprise education should be available to all, because it prepares individuals to live a self-determined professional life. As a Director of Enterprise Educators UK, a national body for enterprise educators, I support Lord Young’s call for ‘Enterprise for all’ and campaign for investment into entrepreneurial education.

Discuss with me my three reasons for making new venture creation skills a citizenship skill and how this goal could be realised – in all societies.

Dr Inge Hill will share with members her commitment to integrate new venture creation skills as citizenship skills, something she has been campaigning for and writing about for years.

She explores the skills and mindsets needed in her view to empower individuals to lead a more independent life balancing values, income generation, and lifestyle.

For further information and to register to attend please click here.


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