ISBE 2019 workshop – Opportunities for Psychology in Entrepreneurship Research

Crowne Plaza Newcastle
Date and room number tbc

This workshop will bring together researchers who are interested in psychology theories/aspects in entrepreneurship research, in order to stimulate cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.

There is a growing interest in bringing psychology theories to explain the entrepreneurship process, entrepreneurial teams, entrepreneurship as a career choice, entrepreneurial behaviours, entrepreneurial attributes and personalities, etc. Yet, the research of psychology in entrepreneurship is a relative young field that has much to offer in unpacking the entrepreneurial process and mindset.

This workshop welcomes all researchers who are interested in the psychology of entrepreneurship, and/or those who are currently (or will be) doing entrepreneurship research with an element of psychology.

This interactive workshop aims to discuss the following:

– Method challenges and opportunities in the psychological study of entrepreneurship

– Development of a research network among researchers who are interested in the cross-disciplinarity between psychology and entrepreneurship

– Proposing research collaborations, including a special issue in a leading journal

Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Small Business logoThis workshop is sponsored by ISBE and its Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Community of Interest (PES).