ISBE member recognised for inclusive practices


The Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship has welcomed Adrian Ashton as its latest signatory.

The Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship was created in recognition of the disparity in quality, provision, and design of support for women, people with disabilities, and other minority and excluded communities, in the offer of support for them to pursue and develop enterprise skills and launch new businesses.
As a business advisor who has been long-recognised for his commitment and achievements relating to inclusivity, ISBE member Adrian Ashton is proud to be accepted as a signatory to this standard: “Entrepreneurship should be open to everyone, but is often only accessible to the ‘privileged few’, who have access to wealth and means that many don’t, through no fault of their own. I hope that in supporting this Charter, I can help to contribute to sparking new and more debates and conversations about this issue, that will ultimately help to ‘level the playing field’ for everyone.”

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