ISBE member’s Social Impact Report


ISBE member reports on the social and economic impacts they’ve created for fellow micro businesses, as well as other interest groups.

The full report can be accessed  here

As the only freelance consultant globally to annually publish a social impact report on themselves that is also aligned to the UN’s Global Goals, and is externally benchmarked, Adrian Ashton is proud to ‘release’ his 16th annual social impact report on himself.

Acclaimed as a leading model of such disclosures, Adrian’s framework and report has been feted as “a best practice example of integrated impact reporting”, and “more complete, and to the point, than most social impact reports published by other companies”.

This cycle of reporting includes KPIs and consideration for how Adrian has impacted fellow micro enterprises and the wider community of small businesses who have not been clients of his consultancy and training services. It also sets targets for review in future reporting cycles.

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