ISBE Past President’s new book considers Brexit, the role of Entrepreneurial Innovators and Small Firms and important lessons from history


We are pleased to announce that Professor Nigel Culkin, ISBE Past President, together with Richard Simmons, also at the University of Hertfordshire, has published a book reflecting on Brexit and lessons that might (indeed, should) be learnt from similarly turbulent times in UK’s history.

In Mastering Brexits Through The Ages: Entrepreneurial Innovators and Small Firms – The Catalysts for Success, the authors explore this current period of transformation through the lens of three previous ‘Brexits’ – the end of Roman Britain, the Henrician Reformation, and the Elizabethan age. Using multiple historical epithets, the book illuminates insights into innovation needs, smaller firm growth, previous step-change events and related economic understanding. The book paints a broad picture of possible UK post-Brexit landscapes, and is aimed at academics, policymakers, advisors and interested bystanders alike.

Drawing on extensive research, the book identifies a strategic framework and associated practical measures needed to realise a positive outcome.

Current ISBE President, Professor Gideon Maas, has recommended the book, saying ‘Culkin and Simmons utilise historical paradigms to create understanding of how the UK can seize the opportunity to build a sustainable and innovative socio-economic environment for the future. They base their debate on a rich basis of literature and provide refreshing discussions on Brexit from a total different perspective’.

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Nigel Culkin, University of Hertfordshire
Richard Simmons, University of Hertfordshire

Hardback | 256pp | May 2018
£65.00 | 80.00 Euros | $100.00
Print ISBN: 9781787438972


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