ISBE President’s Blog – A Prosperous 2018 to all ISBE Members!


A Prosperous 2018 to all ISBE Members!

Allow me to wish you all of the best for 2018. This year, as probably with any other year, will provide its fair share of challenges. From the ISBE-side, we want to fulfil our vision and contribute actively to strengthening the entrepreneurial eco-systems within the UK and countries where our members reside. This will be no easy task because the global changes are also impacting on the manner in which we create and maintain entrepreneurial eco-systems. There is no doubt in our minds that entrepreneurship can and should play an important role in socio-economic development. However, the way we promote entrepreneurship might need a re-think on the “how” – how we can address global phenomena such as poverty, unemployment, low or no growth through entrepreneurship.  It might be necessary to evaluate and challenge the manner in which we promote entrepreneurship and consider new approaches that challenge default reactions. These new ways should ultimately find their way through to policies that can guide current and future socio-economic development.  Within an environment that is characterised by short term orientations we need to find ways of balancing short term with medium and longer term actions. After all, the promotion of entrepreneurship is a cultural change and not a recipe!

Leaders within education, industry and Government need to combine effectively to stimulate innovative thinking allowing the exploitation of new opportunities on a continuous basis. These leaders need to create compelling narratives in terms of entrepreneurship development. These narratives are needed to create growth opportunities in an environment where linear models cannot provide optimal solutions anymore. In this regard, ISBE will fulfil its leadership role and, with other stakeholders, support the development and support of a strong small business and entrepreneurship sector.

We as the Board of ISBE cannot do the above alone. We need members to contribute actively through all the various activities ISBE offers. This year is going to be a bumper year of activities and therefore I want to encourage you to stay in touch with us via the website which is the best vehicle to utilise.

Best wishes

Prof Gideon Maas
President ISBE


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