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This month, we are pleased to showcase an article by ISBE members in the latest issue of ISBE’s official journal, IJEBR (International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research):

An exploration of the Business Plan Competition as a methodology for effective nascent entrepreneurial learning
Kayleigh Watson, Pauric McGowan, James A. Cunningham

Kayleigh is Chair of ISBE’s Early Career Research Forum, and Pauric completed his term as ISBE President in November.

The paper explores how participation in a university-based Business Plan Competition affords entrepreneurial learning outcomes, through the development of competencies, amongst nascent entrepreneurs. The findings challenge the common understanding that the BPC represents an effective methodology for highly authentic, relevant and broadly applicable entrepreneurial learning.

The study suggests competition activities may not be as closely tied to the realities of new venture creation as commonly portrayed or understood and that the learning afforded is situated within a competition context.

This IJEBR issue also includes papers co-written by Miruna Radu-Lefebvre of Audencia Business School and co-chair of the Creative Industries Entrepreneurship track at the 2016 ISBE conference in Paris, and long-time ISBE presenter, Javed Hussain of Birmingham City University:

Etienne St-Jean, Miruna Radu-Lefebvre, Cynthia Mathieu, (2018) “Can less be more? Mentoring functions, learning goal orientation, and novice entrepreneurs’ self-efficacy”,

Samuel Salia, Javed Hussain, Ishmael Tingbani, Oluwaseun Kolade, (2018) “Is women empowerment a zero sum game? Unintended consequences of microfinance for women’s empowerment in Ghana”


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