Issue 2 of Emerald’s #RealWorldResearch magazines is out now!


Emerald Publishing are excited to share with you issue 2 of their #RealWorldResearch magazines! Since the last issue the team have been working hard to create more content for you to read and share. The content within this magazine is based on  Emerald’s Business, Management and Strategy collections.  The magazines is issued quarterly, and features a variety of cartoons, Infographics, interviews, books and much more!

This issue includes:

Article: 3 marketing trends you need to be adopting
Blog: What is brand religiosity and why do businesses need to know about it?
Interview: ‘What makes a superboss super?’ insights from strategy and leadership guru, Sydney Finkelstein
Infographic: Five Innovative business models your business needs to try out
Emerald Book Club: The top five business books you need to be reading.


Click here to find out more and download the latest issue.


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