The Millennial Millionaire, how young entrepreneurs turn dreams into business by Spinder Dhaliwal


President Pauric McGowan launched Spinder Dhaliwal’s latest book, The Millennial Millionaire, how young entrepreneurs turn dreams into business (Palgrave) at the gala dinner of the 39th ISBE conference in Paris recently.

The Millennial Millionaire enables you to share the experience of the highs and lows of being young and in business.  With a foreword from Apprentice star Margaret Mountford and the founder of Cobra Beer, Lord Karan Bilimoria, the book is aimed at university students or young professionals looking to start a business.

Imagine having a £1 million turnover while you’re still under 30. The people featured in this book didn’t just imagine it; they’re working towards it. Through entrepreneurial skill, astounding levels of self-motivation and creativity, they are making the grade. Some of their businesses are traditional, some online and some downright quirky.  All of their stories are compelling and inspirational.

This book features young guns that illustrate the entrepreneurial success story. It charts their journey, showing how they started, who inspired them, how they financed their business and, above all, what young wannabes can learn from their stories.

Now, more than ever before, young people want to make it big and this book is clearly and unashamedly aimed at them. Furthermore, it is not based on speculation but is an analysis of real success. It describes examples that really happened and shows you how you can achieve success too.  Professor Ken O’Neill commented, ‘This engaging book conveys the excitement, the passion, the pain and the pleasure of starting your own business. If you’ve got the spark, this book will drive you on!’


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