New Book by ISBE Member


The Search for Entrepreneurship: Finding more questions than answers – by Simon Bridge

Dated 2017 – but now available, Published by Routledge

A new book which argues that the word ‘entrepreneurship’ is misleading and its use confusing. Therefore we should stop using the word.

Because governments are interested in entrepreneurship it has become a subject for academic research. 

However it has been studied as if it were a deterministic science, based on the assumption that it exists as a specific discrete identifiable phenomenon operating in accordance with consistent, predictable ‘rules’. Yet, despite this scholarship, there is still no accepted model of how entrepreneurship operates or even a commonly accepted definition of it.

This book contends that this is because entrepreneurship as we have conceived it does not exist. Dropping the concept and abandoning the word itself could lead to clearer communication and new insights.

 For further information please contact Simon Bridge 


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