New Co-Chairs for ISBE Social and Sustainable Enterprise Special Interest Group


Effective from 1st November, 2016


New SSEN SIG Co-chairs: Professor Audley Genus (Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University) and Dr Angelo Bisignano (Nottingham Trent University)
Audley Genus and Angelo Bisignano succeed Mike Bull, who has completed his term as Chair of the Social and Sustainable Enterprise Network, an ISBE special interest group. They were elected as co-chairs at an SSEN SIG meeting held during the recent ISBE conference.

The new co-chairs aim to develop the SIG by addressing the need to:

– create a larger, more active membership

– improve the SSEN’s social media presence

– nurture links between SSEN activities and those of related research organisations, practitioners and third sector bodies

– increase the number of SSEN events between ISBE conferences

For further information about the SIG please contact Audley Genus or Angelo Bisignano


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