Launch of new Freelancing track for ISBE 2018


The new track in Freelancing, Solo Self-Employment and Gig Economy Working, launched in partnership with the Centre for Research on Self-Employment, will be chaired by Professor Andrew Burke of Trinity College Dublin and the CRSE and Professor Marc Cowling of Brighton Business School.

Professor Burke is Dean of Trinity Business School and the Chair of Business Studies. He is a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, a Board member of the University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub, and Chairman of the Centre for Research on Self-Employment ( – the London-based IPSE international think tank on freelancing. Previously, he held the Bettany Chair of Entrepreneurship at Cranfield School of Management where he was founder and Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship.


Before his appointment at Brighton (as Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of Research), Professor Cowling was Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies at Exeter Business School. Prior to that, he held the posts of Chief Economist at the Institute for Employment Studies and The Work Foundation, and was Deputy Principal Investigator for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor with special responsibility for cross-national data. He is currently ranked in the top 8% of economists in the world (REPEC, March 1st 2018) and in his specialist field of entrepreneurship he was ranked 23rd in the world.

Professor Burke comments, “The Centre for Research on Self-Employment and this track have been inspired by the huge rise in the flexible freelance workforce over the last two decades. This trend entails a varied and segmented workforce of different types of solo-self-employed comprising both privileged and vulnerable freelancers as well as both those that enable/provide entrepreneurship through to those who are merely a shadow workforce for employees.

This track has been established to explore this phenomenon looking at it from varied perspectives including: firms/organisations, strategic management and entrepreneurial strategy, workers, the labour market, public policy as well as the economic, personal well-being and societal impact of this type of self-employment.
Authors considering a paper for this track are encouraged to access a free digital copy of the Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment at the CRSE website. Papers in this track will be considered for a special issue of the ABS2 ranked journal, the International Review of Entrepreneurship.


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