New publication by ISBE member: Evaluating SMEs Growth Strategies: The Case Study of a medium-sized UK Specialty Chemical Distributor


Dr Evri Lampadarios, an ISBE member and Hendrik Frentzen, have recently published an article in the Case Studies in Business and Management journal, available online at:

The UK chemical distribution industry, a well-established, highly fragmented, subject to strong consolidation and significant part of the chemical industry, is a major contributor to the UK economy and employment. The ever increasing regulatory compliance requirements pose a significant challenge to all companies in general but more so to SMEs which have a strong presence in this industry. Even though there has been considerable research in the area of small business growth, best practices for SMEs in the chemical distribution industry are scarce. This is one of the few research papers that address this gap in knowledge in a case study context in the specific industry, arguing that a mix of inorganic and organic growth is the best way to achieve growth. Findings suggest that the strategy depends on the vision of the owner/manager, strategies in place, access to human resources and finance, past experiences, industry characteristics and company structure. Despite the methodological limitations of this study, this can be used as the basis for future research and to inform key stakeholders and policy makers.

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