New publication by ISBE member


New publication by ISBE member: Success factors for SMEs in the European chemical distribution industry: a new integrative perspective

Dr Evri Lampadarios, an ISBE member, has recently published an article in the Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management available online at

The European chemical distribution industry, despite its significant contribution to the economy and employment generation, remains largely unexplored with little research, both on an academic and industry level, in the factors contributing to SMEs success. With the majority of chemical distributors being small and medium-sized enterprises, this paper discusses the driving forces of the industry, arguing that only when a small business is able to cope with, adapt to and overcome these forces, can it be successful. Consequently, a number of factors are identified and a positive relationship with SMEs success is proposed. This paper informs thinking and research design and becomes the basis for future research in this field. It further offers a way forward for both practitioners and policy makers to support small and medium-sized European chemical distributors.

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