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The Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Liverpool and Newhall Publishing invite applications to the 2019 Newhall Entrepreneurship Research Impact Award.

In line with the Centre for Entrepreneurship’s mission, the purpose of this annual award is to celebrate and encourage methodologically rigorous and societally beneficial entrepreneurship studies contributing knowledge with the potential to make the world a better place. We aim to identify and reward peer-reviewed entrepreneurship research building strong links between practice and academia. This includes papers published in the last 5 years with demonstrated, or concrete pathways to, impact on entrepreneurship policy or practice or society more broadly.

The award is open to early career scholars in the United Kingdom, from PhD students to early career scholars after 5 years of graduation. The underpinning research can be on any level of analysis, for any kind of organization and focus on any region of the world.

Impact Award Recognition
The award-winning scholar will receive £1,500 with a certificate of recognition from the joint sponsors and be named as the 2019/20 Impact Fellow of the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Please submit the original article, along with a letter of application of 500 words max, including:

  1. Full citation and author’s contact information
  2. Description of the (practical, policy or societal) problem tackled by the paper
  3. Description of the underpinning research, including the key theoretical and empirical contributions
  4. Description of the realized or potential impact for entrepreneurship policy or practice or for society more broadly

The criteria for judging articles are:
• Relevance: the topic is important to managers or other practitioners
• Rigor: the quality of the underpinning research
• Scale and scope of the realized or potential impact

Please send your submissions, and any questions, to both Prof Pablo Munoz, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship ( and Mark Horne, Development Manager, University of Liverpool (

Key dates
Submission deadline: 30th July 2019
The decision of the impact award will be announced on 15th of September, 2019

About Newhall
Newhall is an award-winning publisher that prides itself on the quality of its products. The Company creates beautiful and intelligently crafted communications for its clients to support the marketing and development of their brands.

About University of Liverpool’s Centre for Entrepreneurship
The Centre for Entrepreneurship is focused on bringing research and managerial and entrepreneurial practice together by means of problem-based, impact-driven research. Our research tackles the human, ecological, economic and cultural determinants and consequences of entrepreneurship, engaging academics and practitioners within and beyond the Management School. This reflects our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship research where it can potentially contribute to solving society’s grand challenges.


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