Obituary: ISBE Member Professor Lorraine Warren.


It is with great sadness that I have learned of the recent passing of my friend and my writing partner Professor Lorraine Warren. Lorraine has had a long association with ISBE and many of you will know her from conferences, or simply reading her influential writings. I appreciate that this will come as a shock to many of you as prior to her recent illness Lorraine was still actively engaged in academia. She was so vibrant and intellectually inquisitive.

In 2019 she returned to the UK after her last academic position as an Entrepreneurship Professor at Massey University, New Zealand and was looking forward to new challenges, adventures and opportunities.

Lorraine had been unwell for most of last year (2021) with a serious illness. In her own inimitable way, Lorraine dealt with her illness stoically and wished her circumstances to remain private.

I last spoke to her in late January when she seemed in good spirits. Sometime in early February her health took a turn for the worse, and she sadly passed away in hospital. I only learned of this when her executor contacted me because my wife and I were regular contacts on her mobile phone list.

Lorraine’s funeral was last Friday. The service is available to view for 28 days. She had asked for donations to her favourite charity for Greyhounds.  You can follow the links below if you wish to donate or indeed access Lorraine’s memorial service:

Paste the link below into the browser:

To watch the webcast live and watch-again go to the website –
Username: rimu4490
Password: 142828

and to view the Facebook pages click on the link below:–M4GjRGg8v6etjFwd-9YlYfMtBUnnxlHAi80QIfbqaUig

Lorraine was well regarded in entrepreneurship research circles but had many talents. Her first degree and her PhD were Chemistry subjects. She had run her own business prior to returning to academia and was also a DJ. She had a love of music and horseracing. She will be sadly missed by her co-authors, colleagues, and friends.

Dr Robert Smith.



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