One-Day Symposium – Gender, Enterprise and Wellbeing Research, Policy and Practice


Thursday 11th July 2019, 9.30am – 3pm, Greenbank 170 Building, (TBC) UCLan

Refreshments and lunch provided.

The day will include presentations and discussion in relation to gender, enterprise and wellbeing.

iROWE and partners: Enterprising Women’s Group and Institute for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) would like to invite you toour one-daysymposium at UCLan. 

Speakers will include academics from University of Central Lancashire, University of Loughborough and Sheffield Hallam University. There will also be speakers from the Women’s Organisation and Women’s Equality Party, advising on policy and practice.

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9 30am – Arrival and Refreshments

10am – Welcome 

Dr Adrian Wright (Director of Institute for Research into Organisations, Work and Employment, iROWE)

10 15am –Supporting and Promoting Female Entrepreneurship

Lisa McMullan – Director for Development & Consultancy, The Women’s Organisation 

Lisa will share experience of 20 plus years supporting female entrepreneurship in practice and how we use this to inform policy.

11 15am – Domestic Abuse in the Workplace – The Legal, Moral and Business Case for Change

Dr Tony Bennett- Sheffield Hallam University and iROWE Visiting Fellow

Tony will highlight research findings including examples of how reasonable adjustments have helped employees experiencing domestic abuse

Caroline Rayner- Partner, Baines Wilson LLP 

Caroline will discuss domestic abuse from an employer’s perspective in a legal context.

12 15pm- Lunch 

1pm- Valuing Care 

Erin Mansell – Political Adviser and Researcher,The Women’s Equality Party

Erin will present around our political and economic institutions and puts forward the viewpoint that these institutions have never seen or valued the unpaid work women contribute to society, so they continue to make policies based around men. Erin suggests that for women’s enterprise to flourish, we need to put them at the centre of policy-making and politics.  

1 30pm – Entrepreneurial Health and Wellbeing in the Digital Economy, with Intersectionality as a Theoretical Lens

Jennifer Agwunobi– University of Loughborough

Jennifer is studying for a PhD and will present on mixed methods research, examining the role that intersectionality plays in the health and wellbeing of entrepreneurs. Notably it will focus on the digital economy with themes of inequality such as whitewashing, cyber-bullying, micro-aggressions, perceived discrimination and subsequent physiological effects of stress as well as prior and/or existing labour market experiences.  

2pm- Coworking and Social Support

Dr Dorota Marsh – University of Central Lancashire   

This presentation focuses on the supportive role of the Coworking community for the entrepreneurs who work within Coworking spaces, whilst also exploring how those individual entrepreneurs interpret and live out the values of the Coworking community

3pm – Close 


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