Opportunity to join the ISBE Board – June 2020 Elections


We are pleased to invite you to consider joining the Board of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE). We have EIGHT vacancies for Trustees whose terms of office will start from the next ISBE Board Meeting, to take place via Zoom on 18th June 2020, and will be for a period of three years.

A description of the responsibilities of a Trustee and a nomination form can be downloaded below:

Job Description
Nomination Form

Please note that our bye-laws state that there should be no more than one board member from any one institution on the board at any one time. Please check whether there is already a board member at your institution by clicking here for the Trustees and here for the Executive. If we receive more than one nomination from a member institution we will contact nominees to ask them to agree which name should go forward.


Current Trustees 1st Term ended (eligible to apply again for a further 3-year term)

Laura Galloway, Heriot-Watt University
Andrew Henley, Cardiff University
Jun Li, University of Essex
Kayleigh Watson, Northumbria University

Current Trustees retiring

Lene Foss, Jonkoping University

Nomination forms must be signed and seconded by a member of the Institute and returned to lynn@isbe.org.uk by email before Midnight on Friday 8th May 2020.

In the event of more than 8 applications being submitted an election will be initiated amongst the membership. Details of any election will be communicated to applicants if an election process is to be undertaken.


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