Professional Development Workshops (PDWs), RENT XXXII November 14, 2018 in Toledo, Spain


Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) were included in the programme of the RENT pre-conference day for the first time at RENT XXIX in Zagreb 2015. The concept proved to be successful and PDWs are now part of the pre-conference day. PDWs are workshops to share knowledge and expertise and foster practical, professional and intellectual skills of participants.

This year’s RENT pre-conference day on 14 November will host four PDWs.  Participation in PDWs is free, but participants need to be registered for the conference in order to join. PDWs have a maximum of 30 participants each.

Register by 7 November! Registration links for each PDW can be found in the programme table below.

PDW Programme:

Parallel session 1
New Directions for Research on Social Innovation and Embeddedness  Register
How to educate for sustainable entrepreneurship?  Register
Parallel session 2
Crafting Scholar/Researcher Wisdom: Co-constructing Learning and Identity – Observations Reflections and Futures  Register
Triggering entrepreneurial action through a ‘whole-cycle’ strategic task method: A task design workshop for people in leadership role, such as teachers, managers or business coaches  Register


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